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What we focus on

DYMACEK LEGAL was founded in 2015. Originally, our law office focused on providing legal services to clients in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, for example regarding entry of pharmaceuticals and medical devices to the market, prices and health insurance payments, disputes with health insurance companies, etc. We have extensive experience in these areas and thanks to our reputation, our clients are major companies in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry.

As our team expanded, our services began to focus on other areas. Today we provide our clients with a complete corporate legal agenda, for example preparation and revision of labor law documents, preparation and assessment of used contract documents for their compliance with legal regulations and internal corporate rules, representation in disputes with third parties, legal advice relating to public tenders, processing of personal data, etc.

We also intensively focus on spatial planning, real estate law (transaction, owner's statement, etc.) or building and planning permission proceedings issues from the position of owners and investors, both from owners and investors and from municipalities and associations. We also provide legal services in other areas of law, such as family law, contract agenda, commercial law, etc.

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