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Reimbursement of public health insurance services, which are the only option for the patient

What is it?


Health insurance companies are obliged to pay for health services, which are unpaid in other cases and which are the only option for the insured person. If this is not an emergency situation, prior approval of the insurance inspector is required.


What could be the problem?


Health insurance companies often refuse to pay for such services on the grounds that this is not the only option for the insured. However, this assessment may not be correct. If all legal requirements are met, the insured person is legally entitled to claim such services despite the contrary opinion of the insurance company. It is important to know that the request for reimbursement must comply with the formalities and must be carefully justified.


What can we help you with?


We are ready to help you with the preparation of the request as well as if you face any complications or delays in some part of the process. We provide legal services both for individual acts (preparation of argumentation, preparation of statements or appeal in proceedings before the insurance company or court) and for the whole process. We will come up with an optimal strategy for dealing with the insurance company.


Who are our services for?


For anyone. Most often we advise individual patients or their relatives, who usually deal with the issue of reimbursement of this type of health services under time pressure and also healthcare facilities to set up the application system to maximize its success.


How does it work?


Please leave your contact information in the contact form below. Then we will contact you immediately and together we will agree on how to proceed. By submitting your request, you are not committed to anything.


Why choose us?


We are a law office with many years of experience in the field of health law and health insurance. We deal with health insurance companies on behalf of our clients and we know very well the individual situations that you may encounter when dealing with health insurance companies. We also publicly discuss the issue of reimbursement of health services pursuant to Section 16 of Act No. 48/1997 Coll., On Public Health Insurance.


We provide legal services as lawyers, we guarantee its quality and in case of liability for damage caused by our activities we are compulsorily insured. 

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By sending an inquiry, you do not commit to anything. After processing it, we will contact you and agree on the next step. Information on the processing of personal data can be found here.