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Owner's statement

What is it?


Legal document on the basis of which the right of ownership (to the units) is registered in the Land Register.


When is it needed?


If the real estate (typically residential or family house) is to be divided into individual units. On the basis of the owner's declaration, for example, members of housing cooperative can acquire flats, which they rent for themselves for now. Then they became full-fledged owners and can (for example) sell it.


Sometimes it is necessary to change the existing owner's statement, for example, when one of the owners of the units in the building decides to reconstruct his apartment and change its floor plan or acreage.


What can we help you with?


We will help you create or change the owner's statement, because it takes a lot of things to do everything right.


Our office provides comprehensive services relating to the owner's statement. We can help you with the entire process or only with a part of it.


Who are our services for?


For anyone. Typically for housing cooperative or association of unit owners, but we also advise individuals, if they need to find out what they are entitled to. The division of the house into units can sometimes also be a solution in the case of settlement of joint ownership or joint property of spouses. We are able to help you with these matters too.  


How does it work?


Please leave your contact information in the contact form below. Then we will contact you immediately and together we will agree on how to proceed. By submitting your request, you are not committed to anything.


Why choose us?


We are a law office, unlike many other entities, and we offer legal services officially and legally. We guarantee quality of services and in case of liability for damage caused by our activities we are compulsorily insured. 




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By sending an inquiry, you do not commit to anything. After processing it, we will contact you and agree on the next step. Information on the processing of personal data can be found here.